Meritorious Education Network aspires to be a lot of things, but it definitely is one of the leading academic schools. For many years it has been amongst the very best independent schools.

All pupils choose six subjects from set subject groups, providing a more holistic approach in which each student studies Mathematics, English, a science, a humanity and a language at a level right for them. All students also complete and explore a 4,000 word essay on a subject of their choice.

However, this academic curriculum does not tell the whole story of academic life. The school’s most wondrous invention is that there are no lessons on Friday afternoon. Instead, there is the opportunity for all the pupils in the school, to develop other skills, through Leadership, a programme devised within the school and run by the senior pupils, the Combined Cadet Force, Personal Service Group, the Engineering Education Scheme, links with local schools, sport for the younger ones and sports coaching (of the young ones) for the older ones.

All of this tells a story of high success and high activity. However, the school also provides excellent support for pupils who may not find things quite so easy. The Learning Support department supports a very large number of pupils in a wide variety of ways and feeds into the curriculum guidance on the skills of organisation, study and revision. Academic departments provide help sessions throughout the year and revision sessions at the key moments and the Mentoring Society links up older pupils in pairs with younger pupils to help them with their work. This is a very supportive environment where we strive to meet the different needs and potential of every pupil.