Our History


“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”
At Meritorious Education Network, learning with fun is our motto and we believe that all students must be given an environment conducive to learning in order to realize their full potential. Children are the future upon which nations depend for their growth and progress. This great responsibility rests on their shoulders and our contribution in their development and learning is absolutely imperative. Meritorious Education Network envisages and implements “learning with fun” concept across all of its schools.

Our curriculum is a refreshing mix of theory, practical application and extracurricular activities which helps in captivating full attention of the students. Under the guidance of highly-qualified teachers and interactive learning, students develop their individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills by being actively engaged in the learning process. Continuous commitment to improvement ensures that the students are well-rounded and self-directed individuals being trained to become lifelong learners. This strategy has enabled the students of Meritorious to excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities and get accepted by top-notch universities providing them the right platform to live their dreams. Meritorious Education Network has one of the highest passing percentages in the Matriculation and Cambridge examinations in Pakistan, and several of our students have achieved the highest academic honors.

Meritorious Education Network has five campuses all over Karachi, providing a complete 14 years of education from early childhood education till intermediate/ A Level. A different campus provides for each academic stage, enabling sound administration and teaching, to develop a custom-built environment that supports the specific learning requirements at each stage.



Meritorious Education Network aims to take its legacy of imparting high quality education further by taking its network of schools to the global map. Moving beyond Pakistan, we wish to provide an eclectic blend of excellent quality education and extracurricular activities to students across the world. It is our firm belief that education plays an integral part in the enlightened development of an individual, and in order to share our belief, we give an opportunity to diverse communities living abroad a chance to further this cause and embrace our outstanding education standards nurtured with our deep-rooted values. This is our dream and it can only come to fruition with the generous support of investors and incessant well wishes of people who strongly believe in spreading education across the globe.


The Company has started strongly. Meritorious Education Network started its first office in Dubai Knowledge Village on April 2, 2014. Meritorious Education Network provides consultancy to existing schools in government and private sectors in gulf region in the form of its School Improvement Programme and Teachers training. Drawing on our expertise in school management and leadership, we deliver to these schools a Meritorious vision which will help them realize their dreams of a harmonious and effective faculty and students who go beyond themselves to achieve the highest possible grades.

After nearly a year of market and education research in Dubai and Sharjah, Meritorious is on the verge of opening its first training facility in the UAE: the MINDS Training Centre in Sharjah and Dubai.

This has been preceded by the acquisition of two nurseries LITTLE HANDS KIDS CLUB (SOON TO BE BLESSINGS NURSERY) in Dubai, in the Knowledge Village and in Downtown. Already, considerable advancements have been made in the standard and quality of care and education in these nurseries, and we are looking forward to building on this to provide a British standard of pre-school care and education at an affordable price.

We have plans to open a British International School in Dubai in the coming year to bring a meritorious education to those living in Dubai, and provide a strong basis for further expansion.

We have good reason to believe we can achieve all this. Dr Siddiqui has been awarded the Best School Management Award by the Government of Sindh and sits on the Advisory Board of the Trust for the Advancement of Knowledge in Education. Stephen has provided strategy and leadership in several International schools to help them achieve the best from their pupils and staff.